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About us


Max Limousine

Max Limousine, one of the leading limousine companies in Egypt.

We offer a full range of limousine services, such as airport limousine services, transportation between governorates, contract shuttles with major companies, and conferences transportation services throughout the governorates, and others at competitive prices.

We are distinguished by accuracy and quality. If you are looking for an experienced and highly efficient limousine company that has more than one office in the Republic, it provides you with limousine services. Here is the solution. Max Limousine is the most suitable for you in terms of accuracy in time, quality and prices that suit your needs. The company provides modern cars with very skilled drivers Max Limousine is one of the most distinguished companies in the field of limousine services in Egypt such as airport limousine services, and transfer services between governorates. If you are looking for safe and reliable service, we guarantee you a secure and lasting service. One of our priorities is to provide you with all means of comfort and safety.

Professional chauffeurs

The chauffeurs maintain the car and whoever is in it in terms of regular driving, rational behavior and quick wit. As for how to be professional, it is by applying the theory of average speed, and when he is professional when others say that he is professional, we do not have the decision to judge ourselves and he is always professional in difficult times and in the rescue. This is what distinguishes Hi Class Limousine. We have professional chauffeurs ready to serve you.

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